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Problem getting Verizon to honor the Iphone 6 promotion?

I have been a customer with Verizon for years.  I was eligible for an upgrade and pre-ordered the

iphone 6 at a local Verizon store.  I was told I was eligible for the 200 dollar promotion.  I received

my phone from the store on the 19th and was told to submit the paper work to the trade in

department via email and they would appraise my phone and send me packing material to send my

phone to the trade in department.  I did this and received an email back appraising my phone and

saying I would get the 200 promotion.  Then, a few days later I receive an email from the trade in

department that they have no record of my purchase and that I am not eligible for the promotion,

unless I can provide documentation of purchase.  I copy all the purchase conformations into a return

email, and hear nothing back.  I call customer service, the rep looks up my info, tells me yes, she

sees that I was eligible for an upgrade and that I purchased the phone and activated it on 9/19. 

The rep then resubmits the trade in request.  Several days later, I again receive notice from the

trade in department that they have no documentation of my purchase.  On each of the emails there

a number to call that doesn't work-- I've called it repeatedly after each denial email and get a

message to call back later (At this point, I do not believe that anyone is actually there to answer the

phones EVER- its just a recording)... I speak to another rep who looks up my info again and says

yup, you are eligible for the promotion-- he puts me on hold and tries to contact the trade in

department-- at this point I've been on the phone for probably 40 minutes and I had to be

somewhere- I asked him to call me back after he spoke with the trade in department.  I get no

return phone call.   I call customer service again.  This time, I unfortunately am sounding more than

frustrated.  I ask to speak to a manager.  I speak to someone who tells me I have to deal with the

trade in department-- I say, well the trade in department phone doesn't work and they don't respond

to the emails that included purchase documentation.  I ask that she help me contact the trade in

department.  She calls the number for the trade in department and gets the same recording that Ive

gotten repeatedly.  I ask her to please help me contact them-- she says this is NOT HER JOB, she

doesn't want to waste her time (calling a recording).  At this point, I am wondering, is it not the job

of customer service to help people? 

I am really disappointed in the customer service I have received.  Please advise-- how do I get help

with this??????????  The store manager where I purchased this has emailed his account rep so

hopefully that might take care of this.  SERIOUSLY, this should not be this difficult.  If they know

that a lot of people are going to be calling about trade ins-- why not actually hire people to answer

the phones at the trade in department (at this point I do not believe anyone ever answers the

phones at this department and they just pretend to have a phone line in). 

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Re: Problem getting Verizon to honor the Iphone 6 promotion?

I have a very similar issue, except they sent me a rebate, $36 instead of the $200 promised for my 4S.  No cracks, worked fine, perfect shape.  No explanation of why Verizon STOLE $164 from me either.  I contacted Customer Support, same song and dance.  This is not our department, you will have to contact the Recycling Dept.  But I can't contact them because all I get when I call is we are too busy, try again later.  Website does not pull up my Submission by # so no info there. I gave the customer service rep the same chance, I can't get them would you please try.  He told me I would have to "wait my turn."  Okay okay, I am the customer, I pay my $300 bill every month, where do I pull a number to wait my turn.  The phone hangs up on me!!   I can't wait i a line that doesn't exist!!!  Terrible customer service!!

Re: Problem getting Verizon to honor the Iphone 6 promotion?

I am just hoping to get my new iPhones before the promotion is over.

Re: Problem getting Verizon to honor the Iphone 6 promotion?

Have you mailed your old phone already?  If not, and if you are reading this on or before 10/15, take your old iPhone to a corporate Verizon Wireless store.  They have the ability to accept the trade-in at the store, even if you purchased via the internet.

Some Verizon wireless corporate stores don't want to do this, but they all have the capability to accept the old iPHones.  I purchased an iPHone 6 via the internet and turned in my iPHone 4S at a corporate store today (10/13).

Since the trade-in promotion ends 10/15,  the corporate stores lose their ability to process iphone trade-ins after 10/15.