Problems with my iPhone 6

OK I  had basically little problems with my 5C. I upgraded to the 6 and untill the last two updates had NO problems. Now, SIRI only works half the time. It will tell me that it can't find a connection, even in places like my work, where I never had a problem before. The internet is either slow or sometimes doesn't work at all. I went into the stor and they replaced my SIM. Card but it really isn't any better.  Of course it worked perfectly in the stor!

ive been a Verizon customer for many years, and an iPhone user since the iPhone 4 came out. At this point I am ready to either switch to a Droid, or even another providor!

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Re: Problems with my iPhone 6
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Beedoobee, the iPhone 6 is a sweet phone. You should not be having any issues with it. Let’s figure this out. What have you tried to do so far with the phone?
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