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Problems with phone I had to fix.

I have major complaint that I can't let go.  My name is Benjaim [removed] phone [removed] , and my wife phne [removed] .  I have been with you since the 80's and have had few problems.  11 mo. ago I went and got two new phones and tabloid and signed a new contract for two years which increased our bill from $[removed] mo. to $[removed] .  I went back to store on Lee Rd. in Brighton three times to get them to fix our phones and they said they coould not without losing my wife's data.  She was working off my icloud, and apple.  Which meant everything she did came to my phone.  I then went to one main big store of yours on Grand River in Brighton later and they said they don't fix problems ????   So we have lived with this for 11 months and I had had it.  I was going to send in all epuip. so I had records showing we turned them in and make no more payment and go to small claims court if ness.   I finall called the 611# and talked to your people and they fixed problem and new how to back up all info and get my wife her own apple, and Icloud acct.   They were two great guys that were very helpful.  However I had to spend two days working over the phone with them to fix a problem that was your responsibility.  I spent two days working for more then 10 hours on them .  They are fixed now., but I want compensation for the work and time I had to go through when you could have fixed this.  If I don't get some kind of response after being with you for decades I will switch.  I want a month one month free of charges or something equal .  You decide .  In your court.  Ben [removed] .  


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Re: Problems with phone I had to fix.

since the '80's??

i was with gte in '98......which would be acquired by verizon.


call cs, 1.800.922.0204