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Rely on that distinctive beep when already on a call?

I had an issue recently and did a bunch of poking around and never really found a resolution.  On my iPhone 6, callers were not hearing the distinctive "beep" that normally occurs at the end of each ring when I'm already on a call. 

It seems that some people don't like this function, but I like it and I know most of my co-workers and customers know what the sound indicates.

I opened a chat session and the tech I worked with was very patient, but she wasn't able to determine why the beep wasn't present.

I took a look at my wife's iPhone 6, where the beep was working, and I only found one difference between mine and hers.  It turned out to be the culprit.

Under Settings>Cellular>Enable LTE there are 3 options - Off, Voice & Data and Data Only.

It turns out that if Voice and Data is on, the "I'm on the phone" beep won't work.  However, if you change the setting to Data Only, the beep returns.

This has something to do with the calls going over the LTE network, not the Verizon towers, so it overrides some of the Verizon specific features (according to the tech).

Anyways, I hope this helps someone along the way that also relies on this feature to let the boss know you're not ignoring them Smiley Happy

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Re: Rely on that distinctive beep when already on a call?

The loss of simultaneous voice and data with the LTE setting at Data only is not worth it to me.

Good information to have, but I suspect the vast majority would favor simultaneous voice and data over the beep I never knew existed.

Re: Rely on that distinctive beep when already on a call?

The majority if not all of the voice mail platforms are being aligned and as a result you will never hear that beep again. The iPhone platform for now is different and should in the future align to be the same way.

Re: Rely on that distinctive beep when already on a call?

I have tried for MONTHS to get an answer to this and went through Customer Service several times!  This information was spot on and solved my problem!  I use my phone for work and didn't want clients knowing when I was on the other line or not...  Problem solved thanks to your detailed information!