Running out of data
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How and why would i be receiving alerts that i am running out of data when i am not even using my phone. And how then can it go from 10% remaining to nothing in the matter of minutes? Something is not right.

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Re: Running out of data

It is possible.  Data does not post to your online account live.
Verizon updates data used every 6 hours. So data that you have used all days May be posting on your account now.  

Think of it much like a checking account.  During the day you write checks but they don't clear till they've been deposited in the bank, and then the money is taken out of your account overnight.

look at the new plans that have safety mode

Re: Running out of data
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Knowing how your data is being used is a big deal. Those messages showing up in such a short time would concern me too. I'm glad to help clarify this and find a solution.


Unlike calls, data usage often happens in the background through the processes you set up on your phone. Data can be used by you actively doing something on the phone but it doesn't have to be. A common example I like to use of this background usage is email since most people have at least one email account set up on their phone. Every time your phone checks for new emails, it has to connect to the internet to see if you have any emails. That uses data. Just checking on this doesn't use a lot but if there are new emails the phone then has to download those which uses more data. This happens even if you don't go in and open those emails or even open your email application.


Emails in most cases aren't going to use a lot of data as they are usually small but that is just one example of what can do this. Application software updates can use data. Downloads use data. Other apps keep themselves updated regularly as well for all kinds of different reasons. In many cases these use only small amounts of data but that isn't always the case. If a big file was downloaded for example, that could use a very large amount of data very quickly. Depending on your plan that could absolutely use 10% of your plan in just a matter of minutes. 


What data plan do you have? What phone do you have? This information will help us determine what is using this data.