Screen Not Responding

I've had my iPhone 4S since 5/12. Never had any major problems with it - a few sound distortions here and there that were easily fixed by shutting it off for a few seconds. Yesterday, a small portion of the screen quit responding to touch. I can't text unless I turn the phone sideways and even the, the R, 4 and most of the punctuation marks don't work. I can't open any of the apps in that area and can't dial numbers or access my contacts in that area. The woman I spoke with at Apple said it can't be repaired and it will cost $200 to replace because it's after 90 days. Many of my friends have said that that shouldn't matter as long as it's insured with Verizon (which it is) and that they've gotten free replacements immediately if they took it to the Apple store. Can someone tell me which is right? I leave for Texas in a week and really would like to take a working phone.

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