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Seriously Verizon?!?!

How ironic that I just read an article with a list of worst customer service and Verizon was on there. My first thoughts were, how crazy I've had nothing but great customer service with them. Fast forward to today..I called Verizon about my pending iPhone 5s that was placed on 9/20/2013 at 12:19. I was reassured by the Verizon rep that indeed my phone would be shipped today 9/24/2013 as the scheduled ship on or before date stated. He also went the extra mile to tell me if the date hasn't changed by now it wouldn't be changing at all..terrific! Later this evening still no updates about my order, then I spoke to my sister in law who also ordered an iPhone 5s gold on the same night, same website  35 mins AFTER my order was placed and she had her new phone in hand. I thought to myself how is this possible?? I then decide to call Verizon back tonight, explained to the lady the situation and how my online information still shows a ship date on or before September 24th. She was very puzzled and put me on hold for a good 10 mins and comes back to tell me after extensive investigation phones will not be shipped until October 7th and that I should of received an email from Apple explaining why since it was their problem. I questioned her instantly knowing that was total BS. She kept telling me to read my email from apple that will explain the reason for their delay and since she wasn't an apple employee she couldn't tell me anymore that she was in the dark as much as I was. She also went even further to give me the apple 800 number. I kept asking her how do I get this email explaining what is going on. She tells me to ask Apple to send me a copy once I called them. After hanging up with her I called Apple..explained to the man I spoke to this whole ordeal. He then tells me I was misinformed as only Verizon could help me and the email came from Verizon not Apple. While on the phone with an apple rep I had gotten an email from Verizon not apple about the delay. All I have to say to this is Why??? Why let your reps lie and BS your customers just to pass the buck and get you to hang up. I have gladly handed you over close to $300 a month for all of my family members phones and never had any problems until now. To pass the buck so horribly as you have done is pathetic. I'm well aware apple isn't innocent but you can bet that apple rep I spoke to tonight was more honest with me and straight forward and apologetic then your Verizon rep. I've only been dealing with Apple for 2 years and Verizon 12 years and it makes me sick I was treated better by the other company. You really need to take a good long look at how you handled these iPhone 5s orders and the order you shipped them out and I mean really look, make it right before faithful customers like me walk.

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Re: Seriously Verizon?!?!
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This is my personal observation so take it for what it is worth.

Apple makes the devices, they have all these build ups to make sure consumers know their product is coming and they work with cellular providers all over the globe. With Verizon & AT&T being the largest here in the states Apple and Verizon should have settled on the initial supply of these new iPhones. Now Verizon orders a smaller supply due to the saturation of the devices *all* customers are using not just iphones. When you go to the store you find that they tell you I am sorry but we are all out.

In the old days places like CompUsa would hold specials telling you of the latest and greatest but in reality each store carried about 50-100 of the items. You then got baited and switched either to a simular product or a higher priced product.

Verizon may have a load of Android devices available, but now want to offload them so the iPhones will have to be ordered online. Verizon cuts down on needed store space and can do an order based on the calls for the device. So instead of ordering 1,000 of these new iPhones they can order at 500 at a time. Its business.

Now both parties working in conjunction with each other have to first take the order (Verizon) and fullfill the orders (Apple) many times the vendor just cannot keep up.

I always wait a few months until the product is readily available at the corporate store. Its well worth it to wait.

Good Luck