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Sharp practice and iphone5?

Don't read the technology press much and depended on the Verizon store staff to do right by me. More fool me.

The Verizon store in Wetumpka, AL sold me an iphone5 (32) 12 days before the launch of the iphone5S. When I complained, I was told the store staff had no knowledge of a new iphone with better battery and processor, camera, OS, fingerprint unlock, etc. I was told I could download all the new features and my phone would be just like the iphone5S. How do you download a battery?

I've been sorely misled. It's too late to return the phone because I've had it for 15 days. It would cost me the $75.00 restocking fee in any case. And I spent $299.00 for a phone that's now being sold by Verizon for $99.00. Has anyone else been a victim of sharp practice by a Verizon store?

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Re: Sharp practice and iphone5?

oh where to begin.

1) No one knew anything factual about the 5S or 5C before the announcement on the 10th.
2) The features that can be downloaded ate refering to the iOS7 features which is the OS.
3) The pricing of the 32 GB iPhone 5 $199.99 not $99.99.

4) You were not misled, they told the truth based on everything they knew. You were simply uninformed (research helps a bunch).

5) Don't blame others for simply doing their job to the best of their abilities, it makes you look whiny, so to believe that you have been victimized is an absolute joke.

6) Inquire about the Price Protection Polciy that will get you your extra $100 back.  It is only within the 14 Days but who knows if you whine more maybe they will feel sorry for you. (Though I don't )

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Re: Sharp practice and iphone5?

I'm not quite sure what "sharp practice" is, but the Verizon Wireless Sales Reps have a job to do, which is to sell phones.  If a customer walks into the store, the reps will sell what is available that day.  They will not sell a device that doesn't exist, which is impossible to do. 

If you are saying that you went into the store 12 days before launch, this would be on or around August 30th.  At that time, the iPhone 5S was nothing more than a rumor.  It wouldn't be good business practice for the reps to spread rumors to customers (even though it happens, it shouldn't).  If the customer cares, there are numerous ways for the customer to find any rumored information that he cares to find on the internet.

Re: Sharp practice and iphone5?

Contrary to popular belief, large companies like Verizon don't tell their frontline employees, the people you interact with, ANYTHING prior to the public announcement of any launch. I guarantee you, those store reps had no concrete information on what was coming, just the same rumors the rest of us had. And they are barred from discussing rumors.

Re: Sharp practice and iphone5?
Customer Support

Dear berrysnadine,

Good afternoon. Ensuring you have the best phone to meet your needs is what we strive for. I am sorry to hear you are not happy with your current device.

When new phones or products are released, we are not always given lauch information or if we will carry the device. The iPhone 5s is currently not available for purchase and will launch on September 20, 2013. What phone did you purchase and what exactly do you not like about it?

Thank You,
VZW Support
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Re: Sharp practice and iphone5?
Super User
Super User

In their original post the OP wrote they had purchased a 32 GB iPhone 5.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.