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Short Codes on Iphone 6S Plus not working

Over the weekend I switched all 4 lines for my family from AT&T to Verizon (Yeah!). Ever since the switch, several short text codes that I used everyday no longer are working on Verizon for us but do work for other people that I checked with that have Verizon.  Can you please assist me with getting the short text codes to work?  Thanks!

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Re: Short Codes on Iphone 6S Plus not working

Short Code SMS is now disabled by default. Too many people fell for scams, got signed up for monthly garbage they never wanted, etc. You can call Verizon customer support and ask them to enable short code sms on your account.

Re: Short Codes on Iphone 6S Plus not working
Customer Support

First, I would like to welcome you to our family, MICALA27. I use short codes all the time. What happens when you try to re subscribe to those short codes? There is a block that we can put on your account to block short codes that maybe was accidently put on. You can check on MyVerizon. Or reach out to us directly at

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