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Software glitches

OK, so here is my problem...

This past summer, I lost my iPhone 6. My dad was [Removal required by the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service] about it because it happens a lot (haha). So he took me off his plan and made me get a boost mobile pre paid phone as punishment. This year for Christmas he decided to get me a new iPhone 6. The replacement phone he got me was sent to me from Asurion. By the way, my dad completely paid off the phone, so I OWN the phone. So I got the phone and brought it to Verizon to sign up for a pre paid plan there. So now I am a Verizon pre paid customer. From the minute I got the phone until now, it has been having glitches. I have to restart my phone around 15 times a day and after I restart it, it works ok for a little bit and then it starts its [removal required] again. It has glitches when I'm using the Internet,messaging and apps. I am pretty [removal required] because my dad paid a lot of money for this phone and paid it off. First, i decided to call Apple. They told me that they are not responsible to replace my phone because I got it from asurion. So they transferred me to them. I finally got on the phone with someone there and they told me that they are not responsible for the phone either because I am a Verizon customer. So they transferred me to Verizon. Verizon then told me to call Apple. I am very angry that none of these companies knows who would be responsible for this. Can anyone offer me some advice or tell me who I should talk to??? I JUST got this phone and the problems get worse everyday...please help!!!!

xoxo thanks, Caty

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Re: Software glitches
Customer Support


We don't want you to have these type of issues. I know how important your phone is to you just like mine is to me. Due to the phone being under a prepaid plan we would not have a way to replace the phone through a warranty exchange. The phone was also purchased through a third party company so it cannot be covered under apples warranty program as well. It would be best to see if apple is willing to add Apple care to your phone so that it is covered under an insurance plan through them. Other than that we can trouble shoot your phone to see if there is anything that can be done to fix your issue. Just to clarify what is acting up on your phone? Are you able to make calls, text, and use data?
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