Some Pictures Missing After transfer

I recently bought the iPhone 5 after having the Droid 2. I went to the verizon store and had them transfer everything over for me. For some odd reason they said they couldn't get all my contacts over because it was taking too long ( I have over 500 but I found a much easier way to transfer contacts [not backup assistant.] ) However, the problem is that I go under my About tab under settings and it says I have 978 pictures. I go to my camera roll and it says I have 538 pictures. The issue is, which is the proper amount of pictures on my iPhone. I don't want to use up space for stuff that I can't see. Where are those 440 other pictures, and how do I see them.

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Re: Some Pictures Missing After transfer
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Hi codttgs,

I know that going from a Droid to iPhone is a change like night and day. With Droid, everything that shows available is viewable but with iPhone it may be different. I recommend you check Settings -> iCloud -> Photo Stream. If Photo Stream is on there may be pictures synced with your account that are only on the backup file and not physically on your phone. You can turn it off so that the pictures don't back up. If you'd like to view the remaining files, you can go to and sign in with your details. Keep us posted if you're able to locate them or not.

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