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Somewhat complicated plan merge help...

I currently have 3 devices on separate plans:

  • My wife's iPhone 4s on Verizon with an individual plan - Nationwide Talk & Text 900, 2GB data w/corp email, unlimited messaging
  • My iPhone 4 on AT&T with an individual plan - similar plan to Verizon above (900 minutes) but with unlimited data grandfathered in
  • My iPad 3 on Verizon with, you guessed it, an individual plan - 2GB data

I am looking to upgrade the iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5 and switch over to Verizon at the same time (there is some early termination fee there as I haven't hit the full two year mark).

I am also looking to combine these multiple plans into a single shared plan.

I'm pretty sure that this move would save me money (if for no other reason than the fact that I'd be combining three relatively expensive plans).  Questions are:

  • Would Verizon treat the adding of the line (i.e. the switch from AT&T) as new, such that I would qualify for a subsidized iPhone 5?
  • What data plan is recommended?  I don't go over 3GB on AT&T today, but then again I don't have LTE yet
  • How do I go about adding the iPad to a shared plan?  I didn't see options for this online, but it could've been that I just didn't get far enough along
  • What other catches / caveats I should be worried about?  A friend mentioned that early upgrades (if I'm thinking ahead to the iPhone 5s or 6!) are only offered to the primary line, which would be the 4s

Thanks in advance for advice / help!

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Re: Somewhat complicated plan merge help...

As for the you wanting to upgrade to an iPhone 5 at subsidized you should qualify as you'll be opening a new line under a two yr contract correct? Also with the share everything plan it's 10 bucks to add a tablet to that plan. Lets say you get 4gb data on share everything with the three devices you want to add. Your looking at 70 bucks for unlimited talk and text and 4gb shared data. Plus 40 bucks per line added and 10 for the tablet. So 80 for the two phones and 10 for tablet that's 150 no? So that's be the route you wanna go unless you want more data which next option is 6gb shared data for 10 bucks more. But my concern is if the shared data includes 3G and lte (I know it has lte) but 3G idk but "data" means any data no matter the speed I suppose for the 4s you have.

Re: Somewhat complicated plan merge help...

Thanks - very helpful!  One followup in case anyone has tried this out - can the Apple Store handle something as complicated as this (or at least the portion about the upgrade to the iPhone 5)?

I'm too impatient to wait for the 3-4 weeks on the Verizon site;)

Re: Somewhat complicated plan merge help...
Super User
Super User

If it is important for you to keep the same number you currently have on AT&T, you should probably wait for Verizon.

For what it's worth, you will most likely have to wait at the Apple store, too.

Re: Somewhat complicated plan merge help...
Customer Support

Hello to you 3amshopper! 

I'm excited you're brining over your line of service and thinking about combining your three lines!

This is definitely an option and Anthony provided very good information.

If you haven't done so already, I would recommend adding your AT&T line to one of the accounts that already exist, depending on who you want the account owner to be. That will mean you only need to merge two accounts instead of three.

Let us know how this worked out!


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