Special Deal for Iphone X shows up on my bill at full price. Customer service quoted even lower $

Special to upgrade to iPhone X

Placed the order and this SPECIAL DOES NOT SHOW UP ON MY BILL. FULL PRICE IS BEING BILLED. See the conversation below. I have the rest of the conversation and screen captures if interested.


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Re: Special Deal for Iphone X shows up on my bill at full price.
Customer Service Rep

We always want all customers to get any offers available to them when upgrading, jvanstl. We are here to help.


Promotions can take 1-2 bill cycles before they show on the bill. When reviewing your purchase information, you will see the full cost of the phone since the promotions would be a monthly credit off the device payment plan's monthly cost.


We deeply apologize if this was not explained at the time of your purchase. Please contact us again by dialing *611 from your wireless phone or reach out to us through social media like Facebook/Twitter, if the promotion does not show on at least the second bill after your upgrade https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/contact-us/#CustomerService_MailAdd_CustServ