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Text Message Controls

Does anyone know if I can record my daughters text messages.  I swear one of the sales guys in the store (the day I bought the Phone) told me this was possible.  When I called Verizon they told me there is no feature that can do this.

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Re: Text Message Controls

I don't believe there is anyway to record text messages....but why would you want to invade your daughter's privacy like that anyway

Re: Text Message Controls

I don't know of any legit way to do this but if you're determined to be that controlling over her texting you can do an internet search to see if there is a way. You can also subscribe to usage controls and put some restrictions in to place if you're concerned...or choose to give her a "dumbphone" and block texting. Not sure if the reason is for something more than just monitoring her every conversation (nor do I care to know because ultimately, whatever parenting methods you choose to use are something you will have to deal with...but since you have allowed her to have a smartphone you must realize that you monitoring her texting may only cause her to be more creative with her choice of communications...such as emailing or using a texting app that would use a different number for texting that you would not be able to monitor) but you can also just check the usage log online and see what number(s) she is texting the most if you have a concern about a certain person she is texting.