The phone does not work, and they want to bill me for another to replace it !

They send you a iPhone 4s that will not activate, and now to get a new phone they want to charge me for another one to replace the broken one. You know a time to shine with customer service issues is when you have a big one, and in my opinion and based on what I am reading they are falling flat on their face. Even had a customer service rep lie to me on the phone. My opinion of Verizon is heading down hill.

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Re: The phone does not work, and they want to bill me for another to replace it !
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Are you sure the device you have is broken and it's not part of the activation issue that many users were having over the last few days? If you got your 4s through Verizon within the last 14 days and you haven't caused any damage to it (water damage, broken screen) then you can simply return it or exchange it. If you've had it for longer than that then it would be replaced under warranty if nothing has happened to it that would void the warranty. There seems to be some important info you are leaving out of your post...

  1. How long have you had the device
  2. What exactly is the problem you're having (specifically, what happens when trying to activate)
  3. What was the lie that you were told by a rep
  4. Why were you told you would have to pay for another one (you had to be told a reason. If you're past the 14 days and the problem is non-warranty covered that could be a reason. Also, if you're past the 14 days and you're wanting to switch to a different device that could be the reason.)