They can't hear me! SE
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I have a constant problem of callers being unable to hear me on my SE. They give up and hang up. I'm used to altering how I'm holding the phone and making sure I'm speaking into the mic, since I frequently have issues with cell phones and getting the positioning just right.

If I use Speaker or Headset, this isn't a problem.

Do I have a lemon?

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Re: They can't hear me! SE
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OK, I have been dealing with this since early August. I have reset my SE, changed SIM cards, got a new SE, and still had problems. I spoke with tech support and was at my last straw. They sent out a network extender and after setting this up I now have clear calls. One tip, it is a 3G extender. I was told that Verizon switched to HD voice this spring; SE doesn't work with HD, so the problems occurred; people couldn't hear me, dropped calls,etc. I set up the 3G extender, changed my setting in cellular to data only and no more problems. Hope this helps.