Trade-In Ripoff (yes, another one)

I've seen several topics similar to this but this is getting ridiculous. I decided to upgrade my iPhone due to constantly having no memory left on my IPhone 6. I hate that there's a payment plan these days but since I'm married to Apple due to Apple Music, I decided to upgrade to the iPhone 8. I was told I'd get $80 for my iphone 6. In hindsight, I should have just sold it privately but I figured it'd be easier to use it as an account credit.

I was sent the requisite packaging including a padded envelope and box. I cleared off my old phone, cleaned it up and checked to make sure it had no damage. I packed it carefully in the box with excess padding to ensure safe delivery and finally dropped it off at UPS.

Lo and behold, two weeks later, I get an email saying my phone had visible cracks and/or an unresponsive screen and I would only be given $40. There's not offer to return to the phone, no chance to argue. I want my phone back. When I mailed it off it was in excellent condition. When they apparently received it, it was not.

Since this happened I've talked to other Verizon customers and apparently, this is common. They said, "Oh, never do the trade-in program. They always rip you off."

When I got the new iPhone 8 from Verizon, it took them over a week before I was allowed to activate it because someone had placed some hold on the activation plan and it took, no joke, about 5 hours and four days of calls before they finally figured out how to fix it.

Now that I'm dealing with my trade-in issue, I'm wishing I had gone with my instinct to go with Sprint. I suppose I just want to know is this common and does anyone know how I can contest that my phone was NOT cracked/unresponsive when I sent it off?


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Re: Trade-In Ripoff (yes, another one)
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You aren't tied to iPhone simply because you subscribe to Apple Music. There IS an Apple Music app available for Android.