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Trade-In? recycling? Verizon seems to not care about clients anymore!!!

I am beyond frustrated. As a faithful client (always questioning why someone has something other than Verizon) of Verizon's since 2000 ... I am ready to switch to another company!!!

I've got the same song and dance as many others.

I preordered my iPhone 6 and got my submission ID and trade in value on 9/14/2014 -----------2014!!!!!

Bottom line is this:

Since November 2014 I've been emailing asking about my gift card or credit to my account for my quoted $200 trade- in value.

each email is answered: please be patient...we are busy.... USPS is slow....  (blah blah blah....)

I started calling 8 months after I sent in my old iPhone

Called in June.

Called in July.

"Oh, be patient, we are working through this....."


8/3 instant messaged with John Michael -who told me to call 800-416-8894

8/3 called 800 416 8894 - the automated system didn't recognize my 9 digit submission ID or my phone number!!!

pressed the option for customer "service" ---Sydney said I'd get a call back 3-5 days.

8/18 -no call back from Sydney. Called and spoke with Patrick. He said I would have my gift card within 24-48 hours

8/21 - no gift card. Called and spoke with Dennis. He said nothing has ever been submitted for my'll get a call 3-5 days, or check back next week.

8/27: Andrea said nothing was noted, or done... again "5-7days" you'll have your credit

9/9: Crystal said I'll call you back in 24hours!

9/11: Nyasia.... talking with her manager... said she'd call me back, just like the some of the others, she always calls her clients back....   I was on the phone with her for 45minutes.

Nothing new on the time spent calling and calling and calling.......... Gee, my time, my phone, my 14years of being a client---- apparently NOT important to Verizon.

For those who do not know;  back with this Trade In thing got started, Verizon used a third party company. Guess that company bailed. Verizon can't contact them....  ???

Guess what Verizon? Not my problem. I am your client. I want my phone back. Seems to me many clients are angry. Seems to me, Verizon- you have enough money, give us what you've promised and do what you need to do with this other company to get YOUR refund.

I'm seriously unhappy.

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Re: Trade-In? recycling? Verizon seems to not care about clients anymore!!!
Customer Support

Mandyjoy813, this would have me just as concerned. It has been ongoing for far too long with no resolution reached regarding your trade in. I see that you mentioned speaking with Nyasia earlier today. I trust she will be reaching back out to you .

In the meantime, I'd like to help review what has taken place with your trade in submission. I will be sending you a Follow request, as well as a DM message.

Please respond back via that DM so we may help review account details. Thank you Mandyjoy813. We look forward to working together with you and reaching a resolution.

Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport
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Re: Trade-In? recycling? Verizon seems to not care about clients anymore!!!

Well have they taken care of you yet?