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Tricky Global Unlock issue


I was told my Verizon iPhone 4s was globally unlocked a few months ago, but I have inserted a foreign sim card into it and received the message "SIM Not valid".  I take this to mean my phone was not actually unlocked.

The confusing part is that this phone that I would like to be unlocked is not the current phone on my Verizon network account.  I switched my phone on the account about a month ago right before I came overseas (I am currently studying in Scotland) so now the phone on the account is a LG cell.  I did this so I would not have to pay data fees on my phone in the US when I am studying abroad and paying for another network anyway.  Is there anyway I can get my iPhone to be globally unlocked now even though it is not technically in service?  Although it is still locked to the Verizon Network.

I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you very much!

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Re: Tricky Global Unlock issue
Customer Support

Hi there Lucyrose!

I hope your travels have been super safe and you're enjoying Scotland!  I will be more than happy to provide some information to see what we can do for you.

We can't fully support the other providers sim card, so you may just need a new one, or I would contact that provider directly.  We can however help ensure that your phone is unlocked as it should have been.

I would recommend contacting our Global Support Team.  They can be reached toll free from a landline by following these directions:

Dial 0800-279-5088
  • After the tone, enter your Verizon Wireless calling card number and PIN. (Calling Card Number: 9085594899 PIN: 2392)
  • After the tone enter 0-908-559-4899.
  • The VZW Global Roaming Hotline will then prompt you to enter your 10-digit mobile number.

Study hard and have fun! If you have any other questions, please let us know.


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