Unable to receive replacement iPhone due to uncontrolled system.

Here is the story and why I'm considering the removal of my sons iPhone from Verizon Wireless.

We got an iPhone 6 Plus 64 GB about a year ago for an additional $125 per month, which is a pretty expensive phone for a 14 year old, I understand.  However, we got this phone with Asurion insurance that will cover the costs if the phone breaks- we'd have never expected that if the phone was to break that it'd be impossible to get a replacement without being charged a potential $500 to $700 for the refurbished replacement phone (ours was new).

My son broke his phone on or about January 19, 2017.  We attempted a few times with no success because his "Find My iPhone" system was potentially left on.  Asurion said they will charge $300-500 if that is left on so we were referred to Apple, Apple was saying it's a several day recovery process, we have been patient enough I'd surely think.  Needless to say, we keep getting bounced everywhere and the most Verizon is willing to do for me and my son after paying $250 per month, is note their own CRM that I not be charged this fee, while Asurion is saying we will.

We have tried everything to recover the password to my sons iCloud account and it sends the password to his broken phone.  We have done everything and spent hours and hours and now weeks and months just trying to get a replacement phone. 

I'm horrified with the customer service we have received after paying for such an expensive service. We have tried paying the money, making a gazzilion phone calls, and wasting our time and money to get nothing but relayed between Apple, Verizon, and Asurion.  This has caused lots of stress because nothing gets done and I keep repeating the same phone calls in Verizon / Asurion / Apple support.

This service costs $250 per month and we can't get a replacement phone, really??

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