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Update 9.0.2 has all sorts of bugs -- texting emailing photos reception -- help!
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I've had terrible issues with the 9.0.2 update, including:

  1. Text with photos not being sent using either wifi or cellular -- this is how problems started. Then problems got worse:
  2. Texts not being sent reliably
  3. Emails not being sent to addresses using either wifi or cellular. A number of emails tested.
  4. Cannot connect to internet using cellular data
  5. No notifications when texts received
  6. No notifications on app updates
  7. Cannot use Restore because purchased items are not transferring
  8. Says it will erase the items and I will have to repurchase them.
  9. No playlists showing up in iTunes

I've read the Forbes article on the bugs, and many many news articles listing the bugs.

It describes the buggy software as hugely buggy and affecting iPhone users nationwide.

Completely frustrating experience, and very disappointed in Apple for its lack of quality control.

Very disappointed in Verizon too for not being insistent with Apple that they do better beta tasting

before allowing the rollout on their phones.

Steps to solve:

I've tried re-setting the phone.

I've gone through Tier II Verizon diagnostics twice.

I've gone the the 20-or-steps of Verizon troubleshooting online.

Wifi works perfectly at home. All home computers working very well.

I've backed up the phone to the computer.

I've backed up the phone to iCloud, but do not want to Restore using iCloud (takes forever).

But when I've gone to Restore the iPhone -- as a last resort --

the computer says I need to transfer my purchases or I will have to re-purchase them.

I then go to transfer the purchases and my computer indicates this has finished.

However, when i proceed with the Restore process, I get the same error message again:

that the purchases have still not been transferred and that I will have to re-pay for apps and other purchases.

Gone through this six times.

The purchases are not being transferred. I've read other posts that this is happening

with other iPhone 6 users after the 9.0.2.

Which means I cannot proceed with Restore.

What a mess.

So, is it worth all this effort and work -- hours and hours and hours -- when Restore

will simply install the same buggy software that's affecting a nation of iPhone users?

Does Restore fix the bugs in the 9.0.2?

Put another way, will a Restore simply install the buggy software all over again?

Is the only thing that can fix this a new update -- 9.1? It's in beta now...

What is your direct experience using Restore to fix the 9.0.2 bugs?

Thanks for your help.

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