Upgrading + sending in old phone

The other day I dropped my phone and cracked it for the first time after having it for over two years. I looked on My Verizon app and saw I had an upgrade. I went through the whole process (for iPhone 😎 but when it came to pay I used a credit card that had expired years ago. This was by accident but of course the only way to fix it was to call a representative. When I called, the guy said he could not find the order that I placed so he would redo it for me. I said OK, he asked me some of the questions I had to do on my own but he did not ask me all of them. One question he did not asked me was if I was trading in my previous phone, the phone that I had cracked. I just got an email today saying I have to trade in my phone. I never wanted to do that. When I was doing it on my own I was planning on paying the difference so I keep my phone as a back up. I can’t even trade in this phone anyways because it is cracked. I saw that there’s a charge if I do not send in my phone which is unfair because this is his mistake not mine. He didn’t even ask all the required questions. I thought he was listening when I told him I cracked my phone. I have a uncracked iPhone 6 Plus that I can trade. Is this possible? I know I’ll probably have to pay the diffence but is what I’m asking possible?

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