Verizon Customer Service

*Note the date and time of the email of the order confirmation. Just shy of 2 hours prior to the phone going on sale.

Email states it will be delivered by 09/16/2016.

The first problem I encountered was that I chose the iPhone 7 Plus went through the entire checkout process and when I got the order confirmation email it says I am being sent the standard iPhone 7 not the plus model. I've had the the Plus model since it came out I didn't want to change but your customer service said all they can do is cancel my order and put me in the back of the line at the end of November even though it was a problem on Verizon's site. At least the color was right.

But now the day before it was supposed to be shipped to me I get an update email stating "Unfortunately, the item you picked is so popular we don't have enough in stock to ship your order." So they are telling me their entire weeks stock of the phone I ordered was sold prior to 2 hours before they phone went on sale on their website?

Apparently Verizon is switching to the same Customer Service as Comcast.

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