Verizon Service and Plan issues---

I have been AT&T customer for last 3 years or so.  I always had poor coverage at my home.  So I decided to give Verizon a shot.  Ordered an Iphone 6+ on 10/30/14.  Because it was late evening, and Apple did not send me a pick up message until about 15 minutes before store closes, I was not able to pick it up until evening of 10/31/14.  When I got home, I realized that Verizon has same issues at my AT&T.  I get barely 1 bar at home and could not use it.  So i decided not to use the phone and want to cancel the plan.  Tried to call verzion that evening and can't get through.  So i figure I would call them to debug later.

I left the country on 11/1/14 and did not return until 11/24/14, and i left the phone at home.  I remembered to call Verizon on 11/14/14 about my issues (within 14 days- because I picked up the phone on 10/31/14).  I told them about my service issue and want to see what they can do.  If they can't do a thing, I will cancel the phone.  I was transferred to their tech.  The tech rep told me that my area is known to be a dead zone (ok- thanks for telling me that).  So I had them make note of that and I cancelled the service.

When I returned from overseas, I got a call from verizon today that I have fees that I need to pay.  Since i did not have time to return the phone, I am okay to pay the $340 fee.  So that was paid off.  But verizon asked me to pay another $142 on top of that because of service plan and usage.

I don't understand why I had to pay for a phone that I could not use (no service and out of country) for service from 10/30 to 12/2.  Even though I called within 14 days.  Verizon service termination states very clearly

"You may terminate service for any reason within 14 days of activation. If you purchased a wireless device at a promotional price at the time of activation, you must return it within the device return period to avoid being assessed an Early Termination Fee of $175, or $350 if you purchased an Advanced Device. You will remain responsible for your Activation Fee unless you terminate service within three days of activation. You will also be responsible for all applicable usage fees, prorated access charges, taxes, surcharges or other charges that accrued to your account through the termination date."

In other words- I was suppose to only be charged all the way to 11/14/14- not thru 12/2/14.

Secondly, verizon has no coverage at my home.  I am not sure why I need to pay at all for the monthly service fee.

Here is what Verizon rep told me.

1.  I did not open a ticket.

2.  I had data usage of 65 meg

Ticket-  When I called on 11/14/14.  Verizon rep and tech did not mention anything about opening a ticket.  They specifically told me it was a known issue that from map they had my house was in a hilly region.  So they will make a note of that in my account.  Ok- Verizon admit its their problem.  So I cancelled account and wait for the early termination fee of $350.  Well- Verizon rep now accuses me of not opening a ticket

Usage- I was out of country from 11/1 to 11/24.  Unless there is a ghost in my house that can use the phone.  There should be no usage at all.  I did left the phone charged and on by mistake (i was busy packing for trip the next day).  But seriously.  65meg of data is $142.

Verizon can have their $142, but I will never use verizon again.  Highway robbery at its best

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Re: Verizon Service and Plan issues---
Customer Service Rep


I'm sorry to hear that we were not able to provide you with the service inside your home. I can understand how important it is to have a good working device at all time. Being indoors can cause some troubles for cellular service. We are always working on improving our services.

I can always review the account and go over the details of the billing to make sure everything is okay. If you would like, please respond back to my Direct Message that I sent.

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