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Verizon Will Scam You


I have been a loyal Verizon customer for over 15 years, long ago, their customer service was really good, it used to be an honest company. After this experience I realized I was being scammed by the company I had been paying for over 15 years...I cant believe after all this time they would have the audacity to ROB me of $125.

I am seriously considering switching to a decent carrier that will not rob me of my money. 

I was scammed by Verizon an amount of $125. They billed me, saying I made a phone call to Pakistan that was worth $125. I don’t know anyone in Pakistan, and I don’t know anyone that knows anyone in Pakistan. Before paying, I complained to customer service, trying to get my money back. I told them I did not make that phone call, no one took my phone and called Pakistan. They told me that I DID make the call, even after I told them I didn’t, and that it’s not possible. The “customer service” rep denied what I said, was rude and insisted that I did. Even after I said it wasn’t possible. She said “no, the date and time is right there, so you did” ummm DUH??? Thats the whole point, it’s the reason I’m trying to get help and figure out whoever hacked my phone number and get my money back. She was beyond negligent and wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box. So after that I asked if this had happened before, if Verizon customers had gotten international phone calls that they didn’t make charged to their account. She flat out LIED and said no. I found out that customers have been complaining about this because it’s right there on the verizon website!!! See for yourself, type in “international phone call i didn’t make verizon”. There are plenty of complaints. No one helped me, I was robbed by Verizon. I still haven’t got my $125 back yet! I will file another dispute because this is so ILLEGAL. This incident happened about a month ago.

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Re: Verizon Will Scam You
Customer Support

Hey, GoingtoSwitch1

This is actually a known issue now, where a code bug was causing some calls to incorrectly interpret the leading digit of the area code, causing it to charge International Long Distance per-use rates. We would like to address it and correct it within your account. Please send us a Private Note.