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Verizon coverage/service issue reported and not getting any response

I have been a loyal Verizon customer for about 10 years after leaving T-Mobile  only because was not able to get great data service in my area.   Verizon was excellent and solution and had been up to about 2 years ago.  Last weekend was the end and I called to once again report that they told us last year that upgrading our iPhone7 to Iphone8 and X it would solve our issue.   We did that and same problems in these areas we go to during the summer.  We have full bars, LTE but can't text, call or get data.  I call in and they say they are confused how that can be but they put a ticket in and said it is highest priority (just like last time I called in) and they don't do anything to fix the issue.    I ask neighbors if they use verizon and they do and they tell me having same issues but don't report it.   That is the problem not enough folks reporting the issues.   Why pay for data if I can't use ?   How can I  not even send out  text messages on LTE 4 bars ?   What is the issue Verizon ?   Are you just squeezing everyone as far as you can so you dont need to spend money on your infrastructure?    I think most of us would be willing to pay more if the service was reliable and worked but you guys are have way out priced what I want to spend for this service and your lack of customer service.    We listened to you, bought new phones and renewed but still having same result again at our expense and not yours.   When are you going to be putting some $$ towards your customers needs?    I just want a clear answer and let me move on to another carrier but to say you are working on it is just garbage.    I would rather stay then go through hassel of switching but you give me no option.   I have 5 lines and all  have issues.  First it was lack of getting data and now when it turns into can't even text or call in areas it has worked for 8 years prior you are not keeping up with demand.    

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