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Verizon cust service has no power to upgrade a device early??

I have been a loyal member of Verizon wireless for 10 plus years and the last 5 I have had multiple lines. Verizon isn't the most economical I have seen, but coverage and service are the best imo. Last sept, I dropped my phone in a glass of water. I went through my insurance provider and was charged 100 for the same phone which was a refurb, btw. Of course that phone would not connect to a wireless connection causing a return and an inconvenience to me. Phone number two was also a refurb. Shooting forward to today. My REFURBED phone that could be God knows how old, holds a charge for 3 hours max (with little/no talking). I called today and begged Verizon to understand and take mercy upon me being my next scheduled upgrade period was in 4 months. Of course this multi million dollar making company said they no longer could move an upgrade date up. Seriously? Verizon has access to how many million iPhones? Amazing the new customer can get a top notch, new model iphone for signing up. It is a shame once they get you contracted, they no longer care about customer service. They certainly care about me keeping my end of the bargain which is payment monthly. I will be marching over to sprint by the end of this week. I'm thrilled I have a VM from Verizon just now asking how the customer service is and was


A former happy Verizon customer

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Re: Verizon cust service has no power to upgrade a device early??
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No VZW is not like your able company where CS reps have some latitude. VZW reps can offer you what is available on the screen in front of them which is what is offered on your screen. Good luck at your new inferior carrier.

Re: Verizon cust service has no power to upgrade a device early??
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You cannot complete only a partial amount of your contract without paying an ETF.  Remember, Sprint will require you to turn in a working phone for them to pay that ETF.  That phone must be the one on contract with Verizon.

Re: Verizon cust service has no power to upgrade a device early??
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Not giving in to what you want isn't bad customer service...that's just holding to you to a contract that you signed.  You  knew that you wouldn't receive a discounted amount for a device until you had fulfilled your 2 year agreement.  Longevity doesn't equate to special treatment either.  They agreed to provide you a service and you agreed to pay for it..there is nothing more that is to be expected from the agreement between yourself and Verizon...or any of us for that matter.  Any time I read a post that starts with "...I have been a loyal customer..."  it makes me giggle.  Loyalty means nothing...and it shouldn't...

Re: Verizon cust service has no power to upgrade a device early??

No carrier in their right mind would agree to what you wanted to do. The carriers contract basically is proven that you cannot do anything against the terms of them unless you either paid the ETF or upgraded at full price. Same with Sprint.      If you bought a used iPhone, this would be ok and you could just set up that phone