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Verizon false advertising and accounting shennigans

I am embarrassed to say I fell for the Verizon promo rip-off false advertising and “pre-ordered” an i14pro from Verizon with a trade-in allowance on my current iPhone. Instantaneously, my billing account was updated with the increase in my monthly rate as well as the monthly charge for my new phone, which I still haven’t received and no shipping date available. I ordered on 9/13. Verizon deceptively created a shipping label so that the revenue recognition process could begin. Only problem, to recognize revenue there needs to be a product! Verizon shows a ship date in one spot of my order history of 09/17 and in another spot 9/23.  Shipping says “2-day UPS”  On the UPS tracking, I set up an account with them, they said they can’t update shipping because they don’t have the product to ship. So if nothing happens by 9/30, an SEC quarter end cut-off, and other customers are experiencing the same issue, Verizon is committing a gross fraudulent overstatement of their revenue and earnings. Further, I have a deadline to turn in my current phone in trade-in or I lose my disoount!  Huh?  I don’t have my new phone and no one will help get to the bottom of this.  UPS can’t track a shipment that hasn’t happened.  

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Re: Verizon false advertising and accounting shennigans

From past experiences, I can assure you that you will receive your phone soon. If you have a shipping label printed, they will have your product shipped to you shortly. Keep in mind, shipping delays nowadays are far too common, especially with electronics. Once a shipment arrives, you're likely to see the tracking info for UPS update.

As for your concern about losing your discount for your trade-in, speak with someone in customer service. I had this same concern a few years back, and while it took a couple billing cycles to be reflected, I still ended up receiving the promo. Giving them a heads up that you haven't received your new device yet will leave notes as to why it hasn't been sent back yet, and give you better odds of still receiving your promo rate.