Verizon is a let down for this consumer
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I am a new Verizon customer. I came from Sprint. I'm in my second billing cycle. Really wishing I could leave Verizon. I miss Sprint. They had their problems, but I never felt taken advantage of. I switched because I heard good things about Verizon. I am very disappointed. I feel taken advantage of. This has been the worst consumer experience in 33 years. 

Verizon, your third party insurance, sold without disclosure of third party, is tarnishing your waning reputation. I plan on helping aiding in tarnishing your name. Asurion is criminal. You are known by the company you keep. 

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Re: Verizon is a let down for this consumer
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Then cancel the insurance? I dunno what you'd like this post to do. Asurion is the same insurance provider Sprint and T-mobile uses.