Was given a refurbished iPhone 5 by Verizon: what to do?

About 5 months ago I purchased an Apply iPhone 5 from Verizon with a contract, and was feeling good about it. All was well with the device, and looked completely brand new when I opened the packaging.

However, yesterday, following about 5 months of joy from the iPhone the screen started going black for extended periods of time. Then after awhile it would come back on. I have never dropped the phone or allowed it any water damage or anything, so I decided to call Apple to get it looked at. However, they told me there was no warranty on the device, as it had previously been replaced. My initial reaction was, "What? I've never gotten this replaced? I mean, I bought it brand new, or so I thought." I talked to a guy at Apple and he said that sometimes carriers give out refurbished phones on accident or purpose, to customers, who assume they are buying a brand new product. The only time you are guaranteed to get an 100% brand new phone, is when you buy it from an Apple store.

So, I'm a little upset, because now there is no warranty for the phone and I'm stuck with one, which does not work.

What do I do? I feel if I call Verizon they will say "SOL." Nothing we can do.

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Re: Was given a refurbished iPhone 5 by Verizon: what to do?
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I think you need to give Verizon a chance to make good.  If they give you a replacement phone, you should be good.  If they too say it's a replacement phone, then your original receipt should have the serial number of the phone you bought. There would be your proof that the phone you purchased was a refurbished phone.

You can the decide your next course of action....

Best of luck,

Re: Was given a refurbished iPhone 5 by Verizon: what to do?
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Hey there jrobb525,

The iPhone 5 is a great phone, but I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the device. We absolutely want to make sure we get you back up and running.

I can assure you that the phone is brand new.  If the phone was Certified Pre-Owned it would have been marked as such on the box that it came in.

Does the screen go black when you perform a specific function?  Please try a soft reset,http://vz.to/RfHijN.

Every device we sell comes with a one year manufactures warranty, so if you're still within that time frame we can replace it at no cost to you as long as there is no physical or water damage.

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