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What did I do wrong? Trade in

Dear My fellow Verizon users,

Until today I actually did not know about this community and I found it when I googled ¨Verizonwireless trade in scam¨.

My story goes back to last December when I was looking for a Christmas present for my daughter.

I found a deal from regarding upto $300 trade in value if i upgraded to a new iphone 6s.

Once I signed in my verizon account, I followed the steps given for a deal and ordered a new 6S.

I also received an email saying my trade-in value is $285 and how to return my old phone. (December, 2015)

In January, 2016, I received an email saying they received my phone.

I called them to see when I can have my trade-in value credited to my account and CSR said it would take up to two billing cycle. This was in January.

I called them in February to check the status and CSR said it could take a little more than two billing cycle. So I decided to wait.

Meanwhile all you guys know that it is not quite easy to talk to CSR since we all need to repeat the same story which I am typing here.

What was trackiing number, submission id, when and what happened etc.

Finally today (May 16th, 2016), I called them again to talk about my trade-in started in Dec. 2015.

Believe me. I was not easy to find a PERFECT time to call verizon since I knew it could become a long call, maybe an hour long.

I was right. We talked almost an hour including waiting time. Todayś CSR finally told me that I was NOT ELIGIBLE for the trade in program and they can´t issue me a credit. Wow!

I was speechless.

First, I found the deal from after logging in to my account.

Then, I followed the steps and provide all information to trade in my phone.

later, they send me an email to confirm my trade in and steps to return my phone.

I also received their confirmation that I received my phone.

I called CSR to check the status with all information listed above and both of them did not say anything other than I needed to wait a bit more.

Finally today, 5 month after, I heard that I did trade in that I was not eligible from the beginning. Todayś CSR said what I did was early upgrade not trade-in.

If so, how come verizon sent me ẗrade in confirmation and ask me to return my perfectly working fine phone.

At this moment, I am speechless and don´t know what to do.

Guys, what did I do wrong?

What am I supposed to do?

Help me or advise me.

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Re: What did I do wrong? Trade in

Was the phone you sent in still on monthly payments or a contract?  If yes, as it sounds, then it was early upgrade and you are not eligible for trade in.  The trade in you got was forgiveness of the rest you owed or the rest if the time you had on your contract. 

Re: What did I do wrong? Trade in
Customer Service Rep


Getting a new phone should always be a fun experience. The line you upgraded, was there still a contract in effect or a balance for a device payment plan? If a contract or payment plan were still in effect, any early upgrade would require returning the existing phone. An early upgrade is an upgrade that is provided on occasion before a standard upgrade is available. Only when a contract has been fulfilled or a device payment plan completed would a line be eligible for a standard upgrade.

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