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When Verizon can't or wont resolve the issue.

I sent an IPhone X in for warranty when the headphones would not work, they never worked but the warranty was almost up so I decided to bite the bullet and get the phone replaced. Verizon then billed me back $300.00 for a damaged device. At first they claimed it was the screen, I took photos before mailing it (always do that) and after a few phone calls and a visit to the store they had to admit it wasn't the screen. At that time they said it was a damaged charging port, I use only a wireless charger so that was unlikely. After more phone calls and another store visit the technician on the phone stated "I see the problem, there was minor corrosion on the pins". He then stated that they shouldn't have charged me but there was nothing he could do. Later a Supervisor

removed the charges, a week later they were back on, the store tried to remove the charge and couldn't. The tech department offered to reduce it to $150.00 as they felt it was all unfair and said that was all they could do.

I have since learned that If I had gone to an Apple store they would have just cleaned the pins as this is a known issue, also Apple admits the phones are supposed to be water resistant and they provide the service free as a result.

So I will be filing a small claims case against Verizon as I have spent over a dozen hours on this with no resolution. If you run into this in Florida you can file a complaint with the BBB here BBB Online Complaint System | Step 1: Nature of Complaint

Then you should also file a complaint with your Utility Commission, In Florida it is and then go to the consumer complaints

Next you will want to file a complaint with the FCC and FTC (yes do both)

Once you receive the responses from the above you can safely file your legal case against Verizon and it will be a slam dunk as they had every chance to resolve the case, make sure to include every hour you spent fighting them in your monetary damages.

It is a huge pain but if enough people do it then Verizon will change their policy and provide some sort of higher method to resolve issues.

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