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When will Apple own up to their mistakes and make things right with 4s wifi problem?

I agree with you. So many of us 4s users have been affected by this. I am at the two year mark myself so no warranty replacement for me unfortunately. I tried all apples suggested fixes and nothing works. Putting it in the fridge can get me going for a few minutes and I am able to update some of my larger apps this way, but in general my data usage has certainly increased and I have to really monitor it closely now. I believe it is Apples problem to deal with and remedy this issue warranty or not, it is obvious that it is the iOS 7 upgrade that has screwed the 4s users. Whether intentional or not it appears to be a conspiracy theory to get us to upgrade to the iPhone 5 which is really sad. I like the apple line and there is just no coincidence that so many 4s users were and are being affected by this plague of losing wifi capability so soon after this so called "fantastic" upgrade was announced and encouraged to be implemented. If I knew then what I know now I would have never upgraded! This just shows me two things, apple didn't not fully test this upgrade thoroughly enough, or that it shows the 4s was created with sub standard components which were over tasked and burned out with the iOS 7 update or soon thereafter. Apples only option for me was to pay them $199 to have my phone replaced! I would sooner spend $199 towards a new iPhone 5s before getting a replacement 4s that is sure to fail due to these existing issues. OR, has Apple pushed out the iOS 7.03 and 7.04 updates to rectify the problem and prevent more 4s phones from burning up their chips!? If so that is great however it leaves those of us that have already been affected holding the bag of goods and have been seriously harmed in the process. Apple needs to stand up and do the honorable thing to rectify the situation such in a manner that is similar with recalls on automobiles. For my phone I believe the damage is done and the updates have physically irreversibly damaged my phone. This is your one chance Apple, to make this right. Should you choose not to do so reflects a disgrace not only for your company as a whole but also for your employees from top to bottom as this in turn will hurt your future sales and profits like you have never seen. You have taken pride in producing quality products in the past. You were the leader that other OS followed. Now it appears you are following other OS's and your fan base is dropping like a rock. Not providing a viable solution to this problem will only hurt your reputation and status further. You have a choice to do what is right, and I seriously hope you will take it. I personally have more than 6 different iDevices in my own and will elect to buy non Apple products in the future along with encouraging other friends and family members to follow suit based on my own recent experience with your 4s / Debacle. Word of mouth goes a long way and can certainly turn out to be your worst enemy! Here is your chance Apple to do what is right, please make this right. Others reading this far, see the "White House Petition" that you can sign regarding this issue. Search the forums for link.

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