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Where is my phone??

Ordered my phone in a verizon store on september 20.  Over a month ago.  There has been absolutely NO updates whatsoever.  I understand that there was limited supply, but this is ridiculous.  And the biggest joke is the $30 upgrade fee.  Not only have I had this line for 8 years, but my mother (who ordered a phone in store with me) has had hers for over 20 years.  When I asked what the fee was for, they said it was for activating the phone (which by ordering it and having it shipped to me, I will be doing myself), for transferring my contacts (don't take credit for something that apple's iCloud servers are doing verizon, thats just sad), classes on how to use my new phone (I'm a developer.  No.) and for their amazing customer service.  I'm already paying $400 for a new phone, as well as thousands of dollars a year for their services.  This is just out of control. 

Am I being punked?  Where are the cameras?  Do I at least get to meet Ashton after all of this?

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Re: Where is my phone??
Super User
Super User

The upgrade fee was added in April 2012.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Where is my phone??
Customer Support

I know it can be frustrating while waiting for a phone. You should have received an email stating that the shipping was delayed. Make sure to check the status here: Also, as Ann stated the upgrade fee started last April. I understand no one likes to hear to word fee, but as technology evolves and the price of phones increases, the fee has been added. The upgrade fee also supports our in-class and online workshops. There is no upgrade fee when paying full retail price or using our device payment plan

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