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Why do texts take so long to receive?

I'm a parent of a teenager.  I send him texts through email (yahoo via verizon service).  For the past few months, some of my texts take HOURS for him to receive.  I thought at first he was just blowing me off, and then telling me tales.  But I can see the arrival time and I can check my sent time.  We are in a well populated area, and can't blame service towers.  And sometimes they go right through and sometimes not.  Is there a setting on the phone that allows you to prioritize incoming texts, or on that same note - de-prioritize them?  I get very upset when I don't hear right back from him.  Does anyone know why this happens?

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Re: Why do texts take so long to receive?
Super User
Super User

Arrival time does not necessarily mean a whole lot. If his phone is turned off, in airplane mode, or does not have network connectivity at the time you send the message, the message would then be downloaded when the phone is actually receiving a signal and the received time would be listed as such.

For example, if he were to turn his phone off when he got to school and turn it back on later in the day, but you sent him a message  right after he turned his phone off, his phone may display the received time as the time he turned his phone back on. Same can be said if the signal to his phone is blocked by being inside a building such as a school.

Re: Why do texts take so long to receive?

thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately I don't think it applies.  He never turns his phone off, the on/off button is not working and he's afraid to turn it off for fear of not getting it back on.  It's weird cause I'll send him a bunch of texts when I haven't heard from him and he'll get some, but not all.  They'll come in in a different order than sent.  It's only been happening recently.  Not really at all during the first year of having it.  Do you think it weakens?  ugh ... thanks.

Re: Why do texts take so long to receive?
Customer Support

Hello suebmc,

     Text messaging is one of the most popular ways to communicate while on the go. It is SUPER convenient and easy to use. As a parent, I can certainly understand how important it is to hear from your child when you reach out to him! I am more than happy to assist with the delayed text messages and get this resolved once and for all! In order for me to get a full understanding of the issue I have a few questions for you. Please see below:

1. What make and model device do your son have?
2. When was the first and the last occurrence?
3. Are you using a Verizon Wireless cellular device to send the text from an email address or are you using a computer?
4. Are text messages being delayed from other cell phones & email addresses that text him?
5. Does your son have any blocks or restrictions on his mobile number or account?

     Once you have provided some details on the questions above then I further investigate the issue. In the interim, I would like to provide some troubleshooting steps for you to try.

• Check the amount of available memory on your son’s phone.
• Erase all old threaded text messages from the device.
• Verify that your son’s device is able to make calls, receive calls, & browse the web.
• Check for software update on your son’s phone. (Highly recommended if it’s a smartphone)
• Reboot the device.
• Perform a factory data reset. (Last resort and the steps will depend on make & model phone)

     In addition to the steps above, I would reach out to your email provide to ensure that there isn’t any restrictions on your email account. Once you have completed the steps above then please post your findings just in case more assistance is needed. Also, your findings may help another community member that is experience the same issue. I look forward to your next reply.

Thank you…

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