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Why is verizon charging for data while on WIFI?

Its 2016!!! And this still going on. I'm connected to wifi from 8-4:30pm (work) and 4:50-7:45 am(home) and on weekends I'm on wifi. I have an Iphone 6 and I don't understand why verizon is still charging for data while on WIFI.

I'm convinced the phones are designed to work this way and Verizon would ever inform you of this. There are charges from 11p.m., 2-3 a..m. 6 a.m. and those are all hours I'm asleep next to my modem and router for Gods sake! I'm on 3 ISPs with reliable WIFI (all within 5-20 ft.), so the lame excuse of the disconnection is null. Three different ISPs and I'm disconnecting 12 times a day and in my sleep?! I seriously doubt it.

I turned of cellular data (going on 18 hours) and I have an amazing connection with WIFI. Youtube videos work great, I was texting in house. I don't see how I need cell data to accumulate while I'm doing this over WIFI. Verizon has no fix for this and are collecting all of our fees and upgrade fees for profit. Now they say its the phone and to go get it checked? C'mon Verizon, everything is customized to your own profit margin. I don't know how effective it will be but I'm going to file with the FCC as well. Do you believe I haven't noticed this in 10 years! This tells me how much I CAN NOT TRUST Verizon.How many of your customers are paying blindly? And Customer Service was rude trying to apologize for my confusion. I'm not confused, I can read the detailed charges of data while I'm asleep or at work while on WIFI! I call [removal required by the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service] !! Shame on you Verizon.

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Re: Why is verizon charging for data while on WIFI?

With all the people who have never had this problem, you may have a problem proving it is the fault of Verizon.

I have had 5+ iPhones of varying models active on my account within the past 4 years and not one of them has had this problem. You would think if the problem was widespread, I would have experienced this behavior on at least one of them but that has not been the case.

Have you gone in your settings to determine which apps are using the most data? Have you gone in to those apps and checked the settings to see if they are allowed to use cellular data in the background? Have you turned off wifi assist in your settings?

Re: Why is verizon charging for data while on WIFI?

I have always assumed it's iCloud backup, or some type of syncing. If a backup fails to upload it would do it again so if that backup goes 99%(800MB) and fails. It restarts. I don't believe iCloud shows up on those meters either but it does show the usage on the general meter.