Will 6s and 6s+ ship separate
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I ordered three phones within an hour of the start to the preorder. I was told on screen during ordering that the two 6s devices would ship by 9/25 but my email says all three on 10/3. Will they ship the available phones early or do I have to wait until the 6s+ is not backordered to get them all? If that's the case can I call and cancel? I need the 6s asap but no hurry on the plus.

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Re: Will 6s and 6s+ ship separate
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Congrats on your new iPhone orders kat2800! This phones have been highly anticipated to I can understand the excitement around getting them as soon as possible. With the devices, the ship dates are what they show on your order. If they come in earlier, you will be notified but as of right now, those dates would be the dates they ship . Unfortunately there is no way to push them to be delivered faster.The good news in this equation though is that the available phones will ship when available even if one of the phones is on backorder.

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