Wrong Order!

I spend 2 hours last night chatting on getting an upgrade to iPhone 8 Plus for 3 in the family share plan.  The total amount that came in by email for confirmation seemed wrong- 340 per month instead of 260.   I  called the salesperson since the confirmation email was incorrect, she said she corrected it.   The technical service representative convinced me everything is all right and I should go ahead and confirm my order.

I did.

Now I get a 'Thank You' for your order email with the original $340 per month.  And of course, we are closed on Sunday.  Call us on Monday.  I believe the added value comes from some service being provided by Verizon that I really do not need.  Iphone 8 plus charges seem ok.

Question:  Don't they allow cancellation within the first few days?  I plan to cancel my upgrade and check with another provider. 

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