activating iPhone 7+
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What can I do had to downgrade from iPhone 8 Plus and all I have done is swap over information went through setup and inserted SIM card from my 8+ Now I get this message Based on your device ID, your IMEI2 (eSIM) cant be activated online. Try using your IMEI1 or call us at (800) 256-4646 to activate your IMEI2.Try a Different Device

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Re: activating iPhone 7+
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Tjdennis15, we are sorry  to hear that something has happened with your phone but glad that you did have a back up option available. We know that you are anxious to ensure that you have service. You indicated that you used the SIM card from your previous phone, we do need the system to recognize this new phone as well. To ensure that this may happen, please follow the steps at  LorenB_VZW

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