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i have iphone 5 and can not send a text to one person who has iphone 4s and on same family plan

I have an iphone 5... and also a family plan.  I can not send a text to my daughter on the same plan. She has an iphone 4s.  I have tried mulitiple things to get this to work.... It started about 10 days ago... I have delete text stream for her and any group messages. Also her contact in contacts.  Also readded her contact with area code....then with 1 ...then just with 1... All rebooting in between each new thing i did... Checked to see if sms is turned on ..yes and turned it off... turned of imessages and back on... rebooting in between.  Also signed out of and back into apple id. Also with reboots... did a soft reset.  Upgraded to ios 8 about 2 days ago... And a few times in last 10 days i could send for a few hours then it was gone again...... VERY frustrated at this point....Also i can text many others including iphones and so can she....


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Re: i have iphone 5 and can not send a text to one person who has iphone 4s and on same family plan
Customer Support

Thank you for reaching out to us, labrylao4. Regarding the issues with messaging, is this affecting only SMS, iMessages, or both? When you or her try to send each other messages, do you receive any error messages while it is sending? If it is for iMessages, have you tried to send while connected to WiFi?


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