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I need some assistance. I got the iPhone 5s yesterday and my boyfriend who recently had the iPhone 4 now has the Samsung Galaxy S3. When I text others my phone knows who has an iphone and who doesn't. For some strange reason my text messages is still reading his phone number as an iphone so it becomes an iMessage which he doesn't receive. Maybe because his phone number is still connected as his Apple ID? I asked him to turn off iMessage on his and remove his Apple ID, but still doesn't work. Is it my phone? Because my other contacts are fine. Any suggestion to fix this would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Re: iMessage not becoming Text Message
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Hi there steambun!

Congratulations on the new iPhone 5s and the Galaxy S3 for your boyfriend! Let's make sure you guys can stay connected via text messaging. You mentioned you had him remove his Apple ID, more specifically he has to detach his phone number from his Apple ID. Here's how:

I would have to agree that it shouldn't be your phone as all other contacts are working. You can however delete his entire contact and readd it as a brand new contact just in case. Keep me posted!


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