iPhone 5 Battery Issues

I am having battery issues with my iPhone 5. I charged for 4 hours straight one day at 4pm and made two or three calls and very briefly browsed the net for like 5 minutes and the next day at 4pm the battery power status is at 50%. I read in forum at Apple.com where many people are complaining about iphone 5 battery power issue. It was suppose to be a more powerful battery than iphone 4/4s as was claimed by Apple when the phone was launched. My wife has iphone 4s and her phone battery lasts for straight 2 1/2 days without needing to be recharged. Please advise.

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Re: iPhone 5 Battery Issues
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you may have app use in the back ground

the button at the botton in the center push button two time there will be apps at the botton

with a Gray back ground. this apps on stay by or run in the back ground and use the power.

to turn them off push and hold on one apps and red - mark show up

push on that will turn off apps in back ground

I do not this will work?

good luck.