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iPhone 5 IOS 6.0 Bugs

So far i've had the iPhone 5 since the day it was released and have noticed many bugs/glitches in the IOS 6.0  software on the phone. First the iTunes app is messed up and doesnt work at times. The next thing was the tones on my phone got locked up and even if you changed the tone, the phone would still play the original tone you had before. I tried everything , even taking away all tones for all different types of alerts, email, im's etc. and the phone still was churping out tones. i had no choice to fix this by reseting the phones data part to get it to work normally. The other thing was the facebook integration in the pull down menu bar. It was missing until i did the data reset.The auto brightness control doesnt work.  Now the latest thing is the battery issue. Before the data reset, the phone would go 9-10 hours with normal use, emails, texts, internet. Now , after the data reset , im lucky it lasts 4 hours . The battery drains a percent or more every 5 min or more, even without being used. I really hope Apple comes out with fixes.

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Re: iPhone 5 IOS 6.0 Bugs
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When you reset the phone did you check all of your settings to make sure nothing was turned on that you originally had turned off? I haven't experienced the issue you mentioned with tones locking up or the issue with FB intergration. Auto brightness works the same as it did on the 4/4s for me so I haven't had that issue either. Oh and I haven't had any issues with the  iTunes app. Not saying there isn't a bug with these things...I just haven't run into them yet (knock on wood). You should report any bug issues to Apple so they are aware of them...the more people report them the more likely they will be addressed in the next update.