iPhone 5, updated to IOS 7.x spotty/non existent service

Have had phone without issue for the first year, a few months ago, i updated the IOS software, and emails would come through several hours late.  Soon enough, i would get text messages 3 hours or more after they were sent.  When i send a text message, it says sending across the top for a minute, and typically says "Failed to send" (even when sent as sms)

When 7.1 was available, i thought, "Whew, they musta found the glitch, this will fix it), so i updated.

Far worse now, My wife and i have exactly the same phone, on the same Verizon contract.  We can be right next to each other, she is buzzing along the internet, sending texts, receiving texts, and mine just sits and says "No connection".

I moved away from the cheaper providers because i wanted great coverage/service.  My old Virgin mobile $30 plan was FAR better.

I have reset network/phone settings, and am about to do a full reset and trash all my data (Thanks Verizon).  I will report back to this forum and advise if this works.

Why are we paying over $150 for two phones, with this level of service.  It's time to walk.

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Re: iPhone 5, updated to IOS 7.x spotty/non existent service
Customer Service Rep

Sorry to hear that your phone has been experiencing issues with regards to functionality, craigfe. You definitely should not be experiencing those issues. Please let us know if performing the master reset, after backing up your data, gets your phone working normally once again. Thank you, craigfe.


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