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iPhone 5s Unlock Code

I currently have a Sprint iPhone 5s that I am using on the Freedompop network which is powered by Sprint. However, I will be switching to a Verizon contract with the rest of my family within the next few weeks. If I take my Sprint iPhone 5s into a Verizon store will they be able to unlock it for me so that I can use it on their network or will I have to purchase a new iPhone that is Verizon only?

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Re: iPhone 5s Unlock Code

The 5s should be unlocked for you.  You will need a new SIM card with Verizon which the store can provide.  The only thing I see being an issue is service compatibility.  I know AT&T phones work on Verizon just fine and I have seen some Sprint phones activate as well.  Just need to get a SIM card and if it activates you are good to go.  I did it with my sister's iPhone 5c and it worked, so I'm guessing the 5s shouldn't have a problem!

Re: iPhone 5s Unlock Code
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We are so glad to hear  you will be joining the Verizon Family! Each carries devices are programmed to work on their network. You may always stop by any corporate store location to see if your iPhone will activate. If it does not, we do have some great promotions on phones currently. You may check out Verizon phones here:

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Re: iPhone 5s Unlock Code

It looks like you have to contact Sprint or Fredompop (whoever you bought the phone originally from) to get your phone unlocked before using with verizon network. Verizon is not able to unlock the phone that isn't orginally bought from them.