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iPhone 6 $200 Trade-in Scam

I am trying the forums to get help because both the trad-in number and general Verizon number have failed to do anything.

On October 14, 2014, I submitted my old iPhone 4s for the $200 trade-in promotion when purchasing a new iPhone 6.  The online submission worked and confirm I qualified for the $200 trade-in.

I received the shipping envelope on October 31, 2014 and shipped my iPhone 4s from the post office on November 3, 2014.  After waiting weeks and the status still showing not received via the status check from the trade-in website, I called the support line.

Once in November and once in December I was told that my iPhone 4s had been received (even though the website still had the status of not received) and to just wait because they were so busy.  I waited and waited giving Verizon time because I do believe that this was a very popular trade-in promotion.

After finally waiting until January 2015, I have the support line a call again on 1/19/2015 and was informed that they had received my iPhone 4s, processed it, and had sent me an email at the very end of December with the gift card.  Although I couldn't find any records of this email and it was not in my spam folder, I believed that I had just missed it.  The customer service rep said she could send another email, just wait 24-48 hours and I should have.  I waited over 48 hours without receiving said email (not in spam or anything).  On 1/21/15, I called the support line back just to see if they could maybe send it to another email address to see if that might actually work.  I was informed by the new rep I talked to that 1) my iPhone 4s has not been received, 2) it is now too late to do anything.  I have been told so many different things every time I call in, I cannot get a straight answer from anyone!

Verizon has stolen my iPhone 4s!  I have waited for over 3 months because they kept telling me they were just backed up and now this.  Giving up on the trade-in support phone, I called the main Verizon number on 1/21/2015 to see if they could help me.  I was placed on hold for 32 mins while the rep "checked with his supervisor".  After 32 mins on hold, I was transferred back to the general trade-in support line without even a rep coming back on the line to explain why.  I got no help here either.

I am getting absolutely nowhere with anyone at Verizon.  It really seems like everyone feeds you bull so you will just hangup and give up.  Can anyone actually assist me?  Is there another phone number or email address where Verizon actually cares about it's customers?


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Re: iPhone 6 $200 Trade-in Scam
Customer Support


I am sorry to hear that you have had trouble with your trade in. I know that its a good chunk of change to want back in your wallet. We would be happy to see what is going on. Unfortunately, we don't have access to trade in information. You will want to reach out to our Trade In team directly. Here is their phone number (877) 835-2024 as well as the contact page to email the team directly

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