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iPhone 6s stops vibrating

I think I have a unique issue here.

Four months ago I bought an iPhone 6s. A few weeks later, it stopped vibrating. I had to restart it. A little while later, it stopped vibrating again. I took it into the the Genius Bar and they replaced my iPhone. They also replaced the screen protector since I'd only bought it two weeks before.

The replacement phone they gave me (which was new) started having the exact same issue. I finally took it in last week. They replaced the phone again, but this time I had to buy the screen protector again. The team member that helped me said that he's never seen this issue before, let alone twice with the same customer.

Finally, just now, I'm started having the same issue with my third 6s. My engineer brain is having a hard time believing this is coincidence. I did some research and I really couldn't find other posts with similar issues. So if this problem really is that rare, I must be doing something wrong. It could be an app bug I suppose, not physical damage, since I don't throw the phone around and it works when I restart it.

Is anybody else experiencing this problem? Do people just not take their phones in if this happens? Was the genius bar team member lying to me? Am I the culprit in this case? Have I really had three iPhone 6s's with the same exact extremely rare problem? So many question, not enough answers.

Let me know if you have any ideas.

Thanks for reading.

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Re: iPhone 6s stops vibrating
Customer Support

Jeebster, thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. We'd like to investigate further, please send a Private Message so we can get started.

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