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iPhone 8 Plus drops the personal hotspot

When my laptop, iPad or other items go to sleep the connection is dropped even though the iPhone 8 shows that the personal hotspot is on.  I then have to turn off the hotspot wait about a minute and then turn the hotspot on again.  The connection is OK then.  This is so annoying.  My husband's iPhone 8 Plus doesn't have this problem..  I bought mine October last year, he got his a couple of months ago?  Is there fix for my phone's issue?

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Re: iPhone 8 Plus drops the personal hotspot
Customer Support

Staying connected to your device is important when using you hotspot connection. I would feel the same way if this were to happen with me. With regard to the iOS devices your hotspot will automatically shut off if there's not activity on the device. There's no work around for this not to happen when there's activity. Some devices may never stay inactive long enough for this feature to work because apps, updates and more are often running in the background. I hope this makes sense. 


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Re: iPhone 8 Plus drops the personal hotspot

There is one work around for the iphone and all other apple products.  Simply trade in the iso device for android and never look back.   With apple its all about control and whats best for them, just like the dems.  Well as the saying goes, mess me once shame on you, mess me twice shame on me.  Kick rocks apple, mac, iso and the i-doits that patron this commy silicon valley hog. 

Re: iPhone 8 Plus drops the personal hotspot

How would that help with all the reports out there about android users experiencing the same issue?