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iPhone Mail App

I have two iPhone 5s.  On one of them the Mail App works perfectly with with no issues.  On the other hand, the other iPhone 5 has had continual issues with email using  Big time data useage (even on Wifi) and inability to receive and send messages.  After talking with multiple customer service reps including corporate, I have been advised by a Tech Manager that this is a known issue with the iPhone and is an Apple software problem which should be fixed in the future.  I have been advised to use the FIOS app to check my email.  Has anyone out there experienced this issue? 

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Re: iPhone Mail App

1. If your iPhone was purchased less than 90 days ago, call Apple support - you have complimentary phone support for 90 days.

2. If your iPhone was purchased more than 90 days ago, but less than a year ago - call Apple support and BUY APPLECARE PROTECTION PLAN PLUS.  I CANNOT stress this highly enough - it is worth every single penny.  APP+ extends both your phone support AND hardware warranty to two years from date of purchase.  Be sure to get the PLUS part - that's what covers two incidents of accidental damage from handling.

3. If it was purchased more than a year ago - call Apple Support and spring for the $19 to get an Apple iOS advisor to work with you.  That $19 covers your issue for 30 days - so if they offer you a fix, and the problem recurs within 30 days - you don't have to pay again.

4. At the very least, go to the Apple support site and check the discussion forums there - you will find many, many experiences Apple users there who may help you for free.