iPhone Trade-in

As clearly hundreds of others have experienced, I recently took advantage of upgrading to an iPhone 6 from an iPhone 4s by trading in my existing phone for the estimated value of $200.  As soon as my new iPhone 6 arrived, I followed the instructions for preparing my 4s for shipping and sent it off.  The phone was in perfect condition having remained in an Otterbox case the duration of its time with me.  When I finally received the email indicating that my "Gift Card" had been awarded, the value of the card was $36.  Believing this to be a major mistake, I searched the community forums and found this has been happening for years with the trade-in program - a fact that is very discouraging, considering the loyalty many people have to this company.

After reading through many of the posts, I discovered that although I had followed the instructions, I had no idea that you needed to log into icloud.com and remove the device from the account.  I assume this was the reason behind my phone value being dropped so drastically.  I removed the phone from my account and promptly emailed the support team at support@online.trade-in.vzw.com. That was 4 days ago and I have yet to receive any type of reply.  I sent a follow-up email this morning. Many people have commented that calling the company directly only resulted in a run around, and that emailing seemed to be the most effective.  If support is actually reading these comments, I would like a response!

Many individuals have called this a scam.  It certainly seems very shady - especially in regards to the Find my iPhone problem.  It was a 1 minute fix on icloud.com and could have easily been resolved by email.  How hard would it be for them to email their customers and state that they are in the process of valuing the phone, but that the phone needed to be completely removed from the icloud account.  As I've seen hundreds of these complaints, the instructions are clearly not CLEAR.

Should I call directly?  Or should I wait for a reply from support. 

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